GenGard GN8142

Product Description

·            Controls deposition and scale with patented technology

·            Stable in presence of halogens

·            Maximizes protection against deposition and corrosion

·            Halogen Stable Azole (HRA) for superior protection of copper or copper alloys

·            Minimizes or eliminates acid feed

·            Molybdate traced for simple monitoring


GenGard* GN8142 is a complete program contain­ing components to control corrosion and a blend of deposit control agents designed to prevent both scale formation and particulate fouling in open re­circulating cooling water circuits. The product com­bines a unique Alkaline Enhanced Chemistry (AEC) for calcium carbonate scale control and a Stress Tolerant Polymer (STP) for complete deposition con­trol with highly supersaturated waters over the al­kaline pH range of 7.8 to 9.0 plus.

GenGard GN8142 contains the patented Halogen Resistant Azole (HRA). Unlike conventional azoles, HRA is stable in the presence of halogens such as chlorine and bromine. HRA dramatically improves copper corrosion protection and drastically reduces copper discharge.

GE’s Alkaline Enhanced Chemistry is a major break­through in calcium carbonate scale control. AEC allows high cycles of concentration to be achieved while maintaining heat transfer efficiency. AEC is the only effective non-phosphorus calcium carbon­ate inhibitor for alkaline pH operation.


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