Product Description

IX-91 (Iodophor Concentrate)
Concentrated Iodophor Disinfectant – Sanitizer – Detergent

IX-91 is a concentrated Iodophor disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorant for use on all environmental surfaces. IX-91 utilizes the well known power of iodine to destroy micro-organisms, yet overcomes many of the draw backs that are normally associated with iodine or tincture of iodine. IX-91 is a germicide and detergent composition effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. Many gram negative and gram positive bacteria, yeasts, viruses, pathogenic fungi and protozoa are readily reduced in number by a single application of IX-91. When used as directed IX-91 is non-staining and does not leave a residual odour to the surfaces to which it has been applied.


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