Cortrol IS3000

Product Description

CORTROLTM IS3000 Oxygen Scavenger

·         Controls preboiler and boiler oxygen corrosion

·         Minimizes handling and mixing

·         Catalyzed for fast reaction time

·         Approved for use in FDA-regulated plants DESCRIPTION AND USE

CORTROL® IS3000 is a chemically stable, liquid, refined grade of sodium bisulfite, specially catalyzed to provide almost instantaneous oxygen removal. The product is designed to control oxygen corrosion in industrial water systems. It is approved for use where the FDA regulates boiler feedwater treatment. It may not be applied in potable water systems or where USDA regulations apply.

Even with good deaerating heater operation, suffi­cient dissolved oxygen can remain in the feedwater to damage the boiler system. Oxygen in water produces pitting which is particularly severe because of its localized nature. Economizers and feedwater pre-heaters are particularly susceptible to oxygen attack.

In boilers below 1000 psig (70.3 kg/cm2), sodium sul­fite material are the most commonly used oxygen control agents for chemical deaeration because of low cost, ease of handling, and nonscaling character­istics. Adding a heavy-metal catalyst to CORTROL IS3000 causes the reaction with oxygen to be greatly accelerated.


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